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What’s Been Happening in My World?

By March 26, 2015No Comments

It’s been a while since I last blogged or reflected on what I have been up to, so I thought I’d look at my current active client list and summarise what I have been doing.  Useful for me to see what people’s needs are and hopefully useful for you, to help you understand how people like me work with our clients.  So here goes….

Overseas clients

I have recently taken on two new overseas clients: one form Saudi Arabia and one from Russia!  I already work with people based in Spain, America, Australia, South Africa and China.  Both my new clients have property in the UK and need varying degrees of support to deal with post, check on security, sort out ad hoc cleaning in readiness for their arrival in the UK and to start the car on a weekly basis to make sure it will work when they arrive home.


I have a number of clients needing significant help with maintaining their properties.  This has included:

  • Sorting out all the bits and bobs identified by  surveyors when moving house like, fixing roof tiles, replacing windows, dealing with damp, undertaking asbestos testing etc as well as arranging for floors to be sanded, rooms to be painted and shelves to be fitted.
  • Helping clients get a property ready for the rental market including, fixing fencing, plastering ceilings, getting boilers replaced and of course, making good after it all.
  • Working with clients with next door neighbours undertaking a significant building development.  This has involved meeting with Party Wall Surveyors, talking to architects and looking at plans with the client.
  • Helping manage the total rip out and refurbishment of a flat which suffered a major flood, while the client is overseas.

The “Regulars”

And, of course there are my “regulars”.  For these clients I do all sorts of things like:

  • Sending in my team of cleaners once a week and helping them organised family events.
  • Researching and writing blogs for their website and drafting newsletters for their clients.
  • Regular home visits to deal with the plants, take away junk, deliver and collect things from the dry cleaners, deal with the post, get appliances serviced, wait in for deliveries etc.
  • I also work with a number of absent but “self-managing” landlords.  I am the first port of call if there is a problem.  In the last month I’ve sort out blocked drains, faulty locks, noisy washing machines, broken beds and leaky pipes.

Mmmmmm.  Quite a lot going on and never a dull moment!