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The A to Z of Lifestyle Management and Business Support: Part 4

By June 14, 2013No Comments

Here’s Part 4 of our A-Z of  lifestyle management and business support.  We’ve already covered the  A – M in our three earlier blog posts, so check them out, but here you’ll find  the nitty gritty on the N – Q of things we get involved with on behalf of our clients.

 N is for Negotiation

Sometimes in people’s personal and professional lives it’s easier to have someone else manage discussions and negotiations on their behalf.  Give us a brief and we’ll be happy to talk to suppliers and customers on your behalf.  We’re persistant and, because we’re not emotionally involved, we’re calm!

O is for Odds and Sods

Partners in Time is great at problem solving.  We’ve sorted out all sorts of niggles and problems and can often bring a new angle to sorting out the odds and sods that always fall off the bottom of your “to do” list.  Like successfully getting a carpet fitted in a flat we’d never seen in Yorkshire, by a carpet fitter we’d never met for a client we’d only had email contact with!

P is for Projects, Property and Plumbing

We just love projects be they business related or personal.  On a personal note we’ve helped people move house and clear property when a family member has died.  On a business level we’ve reviewed suppliers, looked at possible mergers and helped with big fundraising events.

When it comes to property, looking after and maintaining a property can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the right people.  We’ve road-tested a lot of suppliers and work with tried tested and trusted plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters and decorators and gardeners.

Q is for Queuing and Quarrels

Queuing is time consuming whether it’s on the phone or in person – press 1 for this and 2 for that.  It always takes longer than you think and always more time than you have.  Partners in Time takes on lots of calls for clients and often where there are quarrels and complaints – which are the most time consuming ones of all.  We successfully got a £300 refund from a major telecom supplier for one client.  Here’s what she had to say “…Thanks Peta –  that is wonderful – well done you .  You could probably build a business based on skills to sort out foul ups by “well known telecoms company” alone!”

We hope this is continuing to increase your understanding of how we work with people to make their life easier and free up their time.  If you’d like to know more, or discuss how we could work with you, check out the rest of this website or call us on 0845 075 1060.