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The A to Z of Lifestyle Management and Business Support: Part 6

By September 23, 2013No Comments

Here’s Part 6, and the final part, of our A-Z of lifestyle management and business support. We have already covered A-U in our five earlier blog posts, so check them out. Here you will find what V-Z is all about in terms of the kind of things we get involved with on behalf of our clients.

V is for Vets and Vehicles

We’ve researched local vets for people taking their pets on holiday, just in case of emergencies. We’ve also helped clients make sure their vehicles are taxed, MOT’d and insured.

W is for Waiting in and Weddings

Waiting in can be tedious, but not as tedious as not being able to get things fixed or delivered. We’ve assisted lots of people in this area, arranging for all sorts of tradesmen, service providers and deliveries to arrive on the same day, when we can be there to deal with them all.

We’ve also helped people plan their wedding! We’re not professional wedding planners, but sometimes a bit of help and local knowledge is all people need to have the big day of their dreams.

X is for X-perts and an X-tra pair of hands

Sometimes clients need to access experts or simply an extra pair of hands. We’re incredibly well networked and if we can’t do something ourselves, we will almost certainly know someone who can. We have worked hard to build up our address book of tried tested and trusted suppliers and advisors and we share them with our clients when the need arises.

Y is for Yuletide

This is an incredibly busy time of year and we’ve helped many clients with party arrangements, Christmas shopping and present wrapping as well as getting their home beautifully decorated.

Z is for Zzzzzz

Which is what you’ll get more of when you work with Partners in Time.

Well, there you have it – the full A-Z and we hope reading this has increased your understanding of how we work with people to make their life easier and free up their time. If you’d like to know more, or discuss how we could work with you, check out the rest of our website or call us on 0845 075 1060.