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The A to Z of Lifestyle Management and Business Support: Part 5

By August 12, 2013No Comments

Here’s Part 5 of our A-Z of Lifestyle Management and Business Support.  We’ve already covered the A-Q in our four earlier blog posts, so check them out, but here you will find out what what the R-U is all about, in terms of the kind of things we get involved with on behalf of our clients.

R is for Research

We’ve researched all sorts of things for all sorts of people, from holiday homes to a school’s Ofsted report, from household appliances to utilities suppliers, from pet insurance to cleaners and from alliance management to parts of the pharmaceutical industry.  Give us a brief and we’ll do the leg work.

S is for Staff, Suppliers and Spreadsheets

We work with a number of small businesses offering support with general management and project management.  We have helped support staff, manage relationships with key suppliers and set up simple spreadsheets for keeping track of vital information.

T is for Tenants and Tried, Tested and Trusted

We work with a number of private, self-managing landlords in SW London.  We are not managing agents, but we can be a useful go-between between landlords and tenants.  We also bring a network of tried, tested and trusted suppliers with us, so getting an annual gas safety check, some new curtains up or your property spruced up between tenants,  is easily sorted.

U is for Utilities

Thinking of switching but not sure how to?  We’ve helped a number of clients review their utilities and establish whether not they’d get a better deal elsewhere.  Again we work with one of tried tested and trusted suppliers to make sure we’ve got the market covered.

We hope this is increasing your understanding of how we work with people to make their life easier and free up their time.  If you’d like to know more, or discuss how we could work with you, check out the rest of our website or call us on 0845 075 1060.