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The A to Z of Lifestyle Management and Business Support: Part 1

By April 25, 2013No Comments

Partners in Time offers lifestyle management and business support to busy people, but what does that mean?

People often ask what exactly do you do?  How do you help people?  What on earth is “lifestyle management”?  Well,  here’s where you’ll find all the answers.  Over the years, Partners in Time has worked with lots of different people in lots of different ways.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll find here our A to Z of what we do and how we work with people to make life easier and free up their time.

A is for Admin and Auctions

Lots of people pass their general household and business admin over to Partners in Time.  As you go through our A-Z, you’ll soon spot what sort of administrative tasks we get involved in, but it can be anything from getting your Appliances services to taking a Zero-tolerance approach to your in tray!

We’ve also helped people get valuable antiques and art as well as jewellery and all sorts of collectibles valued and consigned to auction.  We’ve worked with Bonhams, Sothebys and Christies as well as a number of smaller, more local auction houses.

B is for Bills, Banking and Bookings

Paying your bills on time and banking cheques can be a chore.  We’ve worked with people who have been close to having their utilities cut off, been driving without insurance or a current MOT and not been able to bank dividend cheques all because they haven’t had time to open their post and then deal with the contents.  But, once Partners in Time is on board, these sorts of near and actual misses are a thing of the past.

We’ve also booked theatre tickets, train tickets, plane tickets, restaurants, sporting events and pretty much anything else you can think of for clients, along with making sure the right people have the right information to get to the right place at the right time.

C is for Cleaners, Clutter, Cashflow and Credit Control

We’ve helped people organise spring cleans, end of tenancy cleans and regular weekly cleans.  We’re masters at working with clients to have a clearout and then make some money by auctioning the fruits of our labour (see A above!)

Working with small businesses we often work with accountants and book keepers to keep an eye on cash flow and credit control – essential for making sure cash is where you need it when you need it.

D is for Decorating and DIY

Partners in Time has its own tried, tested and trusted handyman and decorator.  We can organise all sorts of things from freshening up one room to painting and decorating your whole house or office.  We can also organise for clients the installation of appliances, hanging pictures, fitting carpets and changing locks and be there to supervise if needed.  The list is endless.

Come back to soon to get the low-down on the E –H of what Partners in Time has got involved in.