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Moving House: How a Lifestyle Manager can help

By September 11, 2014No Comments

Moving house is right up there as one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, along with changing jobs and getting divorced.   There is not a lot a Lifestyle Manager can do to sort the latter two out (although I have been involved with both….professionally, that is!), but there is plenty they can do to smooth the transition of moving house.

In the last few years, I’ve helped a number of people to varying degrees with moving and at different stages, so I thought it would be worth showing you what we can do to help.  So…

Before the move

There are all sorts of things to think about before you move.  For example:

  • If you are also selling, is there anything you would like to do to present your existing property in the best possible light to maximise what you get for it?
  • What do you want to take with you, and are you up for a good clear out before you pack, rather than wondering why on earth you brought a “load of old tut” with you with you when you’re unpacking?
  • Who are you going to get to help you and are you going to have a full packing service or not?

I’ve helped clients do all these things which has involved for example:

  • Getting a range of my “tried, tested and trusted” tradesmen in to do anything from replace the boiler and decorating the hall to tidying up the garden and fixing the roof.
  • Helping with the clearout.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff, donating items to charity and consigning more valuable items to auction.
  • Arranging removal quotes and sorting out parking permits to make sure your removal firm doesn’t get a parking tickets.

During the move

For most of my clients, the actual move, whether it’s round the corner or overseas, can take a few days.  The packers come in, the lorries have to be loaded and depending on how far you’re moving depends on how long it takes you and your stuff to get there!  And sometimes clients don’t have days to be away from work to supervise all this.  That’s where people like me come in.  We can be on hand to make sure all the packing goes according to plan, we can check the property really is empty before the lorries leave and we can make sure the keys get into the hands of the estate agent, to pass on to the new owners.  This can be particularly important for clients moving overseas or to a new area in the UK.  They need to leave, often before the removal vans do, to ensure they are at the other end to meet them .  Not only that, there is more than likely going to be a lot of running around speaking to solicitors and estate agents to make sure sales and purchases complete as arranged and access to the new property is in hand.  An extra pair of hands and someone concentrating purely on the logistics can be invaluable.

After the move

This is when everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief.  They’ve made it, got it over the line and are looking forward to settling into their new home.  But they’re exhausted, got gazillions of boxes to unpack and a whole list of things that need attention that their survey brought to light but weren’t considered to be deal breakers.  As well as all that, there are utilities to sort out, change of address letters to write and perhaps, even a house warming party to organise.

Again a Lifestyle Manager can help with all this.  One recent client, just handed me their survey and said “read that, make a list of all that needs doing and get it done”.  “All that needs doing” includes some serious garden maintenance, replacing broken roof tiles, clearing the gutters, sweeping the chimneys, putting up shelves and cabinets, internal and external decorating, removing and replacing shower trays and a broken jacuzzi bath…need I go on?  I am sure you get the picture.  It’s not easy to get these things done when you don’t have time to meet the tradespeople, brief them on what needs doing and then make sure it happens.  Even harder when you have no idea who to approach for what.

Well, I do.  Time is what I give you, along with access to my address book, stuffed full of fantastic suppliers, all vetted, personally, by me, in my own home.

I hope this blog has given you a flavour of the sort of help that is out there if you are in the process of moving house, as well as giving you some food for thought on how to tackle what often feels like a mountain to climb.  If you want to know more about Lifestyle Management and how I can help you, have a quick look round the site and check out my other blogs.  Or call me on 0845 075 1060.  I look forward to hearing from you!