Life Changing Events

Partners in Time gets involved in all manner of activities. Something we do from time to time is help those dealing with the property or estate of someone who has recently died. We have worked with executors and local solicitors as well as bereaved spouses, partners and family members to, for example:

  • Pick up post from the deceased’s property, using this as an opportunity to also check the property for problems etc
  • Help sort through, get valued and clear the deceased’s belongings. This maybe with a family member or at the request of the Executor if there are no family members left.

Case study

Murray Hay, a local solicitors’ office recently had a Japanese client with a flat in SW London, but no other family members in the UK. The client had to go to Japan and asked Murray Hay if they would be able to keep an eye on her property and pick up and deal with her post while she was away. Murray Hay spoke to the client suggesting that Partners in Time actually visit the property and pick up the post, bringing it back to their office to deal with. The client was very happy with this suggestion and could see that this provided her with a cost effective approach to meeting her needs. Unfortunately the client died whilst in Japan and Murray Hay has continued to work with Partners in Time to keep an eye on the property and help them with some of the practical aspects of dealing with her estate.

Murray Hay says “Peta was quick to understand the needs of a client with a London property who had gone overseas. I think Partners in Time can offer lawyers a cost effective level of support and we will certainly use them again in the future.”

Peta says “We’re very happy to work in this way with local solicitors if it helps them service their clients’ needs. It seems to present a good solution for all parties and means that the solicitor can focus on the legal aspects of what is needed while the practical aspects get taken care of at a reasonable cost.”

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