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How Lifestyle Management Can Help You

By March 19, 2014No Comments

It’s been a while since I last took a look at a typical month, but it’s always fun to reflect on what I’ve been up to and the myriad of different ways I work with clients to help keep their personal and business lives running smoothly.

The last month has been no exception and I’ve been involved in all sorts of projects and activities, which hopefully will help explain to readers what lifestyle management is all about and how it could help them get things done and keep life on track.  So, to summarise I’ve done quite a lot researching, managing and doing of things, some of which are mentioned here.

Researching things

This has involved:

  • Finding a genealogist to help a client do her family tree.
  • Looking into undergraduate courses  at London universities for a client keen to study part time.
  • Locating vets, GPs and schools for clients moving to the west country.

Managing things

This has involved:

  • Getting a 3 bedroom flat refurbished and ready for the rental market (see my previous 2 blog posts).
  • Developing the brief and overseeing a website project for a family business I work with on a regular basis.
  • Sending my handyman off to help all sorts of people construct flat pack furniture, change their lightbulbs, hang some artwork, plumb in a dishwasher, straighten the doors on some kitchen units, install a cat flap, change a tap, reseal round the bath etc etc – I am sure you get the picture!

Doing things

This has involved:

  • Checking a clients home on a weekly basis whilst she is overseas, giving her and her insurers peace of mind. A sort of “loco parentis” for the house, if you like!
  • Helping to organise a party to celebrate the launch of Pam Warren’s autobiography, From Behind the Mask.
  • Consigning and getting sold at auction various collectibles from clients trying to downsize.

Lifestyle management is about giving people time.  All the things I get involved with, my clients could do themselves…if only they had the time and / or an address book stuffed full of fantastic “tried, tested and trusted” suppliers.  Partners in Time has both, along with heaps of common sense and a massive “can do” attitude, all of which we share with our clients.  If you think a “share” of that could help you, do get in touch by calling 0845 075 1060.