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Household Management

For example we can:

  • Get our handyman in to do (or finish off) all the small jobs around the house that never get done
  • Organise the repair of household items and appliances and wait in for tradespeople
  • Open your mail and deal with the contents

Case study

Mary’s family home is in West London but she lives and works in Gloucestershire during the week.  She leads an extremely busy life and has 3 children who are at university.  Partners in Time has worked with Mary since 2008.  Our first job was to tackle her post, which she had not had time to open for over 6 months, let alone deal with the contents.  Amongst other things this included all sorts of overdue bills and invoices, cheques which needed to be paid into the bank and various insurance renewals which required progressing.  Since 2008 we have helped with a wide range of things from continuing to open and deal with the post and organising all sorts of household repairs through to helping get valuables and collectibles sold at auction and helping with the logistics and practicalities of moving house.

Mary says “Peta is a life saver for me.  Although I’m very organised at work, I have little patience for home paperwork.  Peta has everything organised and filed – for the first time in my life I don’t stress about keeping up with that as well as everything else. She even organised me getting up to date with my tax returns recently.  And moving house without her would have been impossible.  She is so efficient and just deals with everything using buckets of common sense and professionalism”

Peta says “We have offered Mary varying degrees of support over the years.  We visit her London home regularly to deal with the post and ongoing household maintenance issues.  Every so often something “big” happens, like moving house, which means Mary uses considerably more of our time to see her through whatever the current project might be.  Mary uses our 6 Month Time Bank package.  As and when one Time Bank runs out she simply buys another one.”

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