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Get your assets working!: Part 2

By February 14, 2014No Comments

Last month we talked about working with clients to get their assets working – specifically an empty property.  This month, I am going to run you through what we actually did, to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Getting rid of stuff

When we started work, the flat was still pretty full of stuff.  Stuff the client wanted to keep, stuff the client wanted to get rid of and all the “in- betweeny” stuff she sort of thought she might want one day, but knew she wouldn’t really.   We worked together to sort this out, which resulted in:

  • Her meeting my “men with van” on site to take away the stuff she wanted.
  • Me meeting my “men with a junk van”, a few days later, to take away the rest for recycling or donation to charity.

Doing the garden

This was quite a big job!  The garden had been left to its own devices for 3 years.  And it showed.  Fencing had blown down, ivy, weeds and trees were out of control, the shed needed recladding and there were broken bits of furniture, pots and paving slabs everywhere.  It all had to be fixed up, tidied up and disposed of by taking everything up the back stairs, through the property, down the front stairs and out.  And I know just the guys for the job.  A week of hard work and the garden is pristine and there are no muddy footprints on the hall carpet.  That’s what I call a result!

Fixing the roof and windows

There were also a number of problems with the roof.  Missing tiles, blocked gullies, chimney stacks which need re-pointing and lead flashings in need of repair.  It was quite a big job and needed scaffolding, but it’s now all looking good and watertight which is a relief.  There was also a double glazing unit in the living room that needed replacing.  Quick to sort out when you know where to go.

Sorting the appliances out

The kitchen and bathroom were both in reasonable condition but we needed to install a dishwasher in the kitchen and a new shower in the bathroom.  The boiler needed servicing and the external drains unblocking.  Tick.  All done.


Lots of the rooms were in reasonable order, but there was a fair amount of painting and decorating to do throughout.  Dining room: check.  Kitchen: check. Bathroom: check.  New bathroom floor: check.  Master bedroom: check.  Back stairs: check.  New blinds installed: check!  It’s all looking spanking inside!!

But what about the outside?  Well, the plan is in place to re-decorate the outside too, if it ever stops raining…


And last but not least an all singing all dancing clean and shampoo of the carpets .  The only thing left is for the new tenants to move in and the rent to be collected.  Good stuff!

If you think working with a lifestyle manager could help you get your assets working, why not call me on 0845 075 1060.