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From Chaos to Calm with the Help of Lifestyle Management

By August 1, 2016No Comments

For busy people who are constantly juggling what goes on at home with a very demanding working life, having a lifestyle manager on their radar can be a real life saver.  Amongst other things last week, I had an early morning emergency text from Caroline, a busy professional working in the City, with two young children.   As she was leaving home to drop the kids at school on her way to work, she found water dripping from the ceiling in the cloakroom of her house and no time to investigate or sort it out.  Nightmare!  She had no option but to walk out and shut the door.  Fortunately, she didn’t have to just hope for the best and cross her fingers that the ceiling would still be where it should be when she got home, because she is a regular client of Partners in Time.  And I hold a set of her door keys.

So much more calming to be able to text me on her way to work, brief me on the issue and pass the problem onto me to resolve.   Thanks to the way I work and the network of tried, tested and trusted suppliers I work with, I was able to get to her house by lunchtime with my plumber, who diagnosed and repaired the problem (a leaking bath tap not connected to any pipes) within an hour and clean up the puddles in the cloakroom.

Caroline says “It was a nightmare morning. I was dashing out of the front door for work, and as I went to collect the children’s shoes, I found a huge puddle of water on the cloakroom floor, and water dripping from the ceiling. I was late for work, the children needed to get to Breakfast Club, and I had to walk out of the front door and leave it. I texted Peta from the tube on the way in to the City. When I managed to catch up with her again just after lunch, she had arranged for one of her skilled tradesmen to attend my property, let him in and supervised the diagnostic and repair work, as well as cleaning up. When I got home, it was as if nothing had happened. What a brilliant service!”

Peta says “It’s all in a day’s work.  Because I hold a set of keys for Caroline’s property, she knows that if she ever needs anything done, I can be on hand to help at short notice if necessary.”

That, in a nutshell, is what lifestyle management is all about: Enabling our clients to concentrate on getting themselves to work and their children to school without having to worry about their home life or making emergency arrangements.  Or wondering how on earth they are going to sort out letting their emergency “life saver” into their property.

Another happy client and chaos averted in one easy move.