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A Week in the Life of a Lifestyle Manager: Part 2

By December 2, 2013No Comments

Welcome back.  Things continue to be busy and fun!   It never ceases to amaze me how varied the lives of my clients are and the difference I can make to getting things on track and running smoothly.


I’m off to meet the owner of a small local business.  I‘ve worked with him for a year now and he has about half a day a week of my time.  I see him and his team for a couple of hours every Wednesday and progress all sorts of business activities for him.  I support his small team with delivering special projects, like implementing a new marketing plan and developing an Environmental Management System. In addition to this, I’ve been working with his book keeper and credit controller to keep on top of debtors.  I’ve also been waging war with his mobile phone provider who has been quite magnificently over-charging him for months now!  It’s like swimming though treacle, but at least I now have a direct line to the Chief Executive’s office!

This afternoon, I’m chasing up those decorating quotes.  The tenants move in in 10 days time and all works need to be complete before they arrive.  Nothing like a short time scale to focus the mind.

Interspersed with all these activities I am taking calls for another client I am helping put on a major fundraising event for a local charity.  It will be the party to end all parties and we’re going go for a very glamorous 1930s Hollywood theme.  There’s a fantastic venue to find, bands to book and catering supplies to negotiate.  Not to mention helping with ticket sales and sourcing fantastic auction prizes. I am on the case.


All decorating quotes for the flat next door are in and I’ve spoken to the landlord.  We’ve agreed on which contractor will do the work and he can start on Monday.  This is excellent as the tenants move in the following weekend.  The flat will look great when they arrive.  Now it’s just the small matter of ensuring the team have access and  they do the job to a high standard.  I know this will happen because I work with the team doing this job regularly.  They are thoroughly tried, tested and trusted!

This afternoon I am speaking to a group of post-graduate students at Kingston University Business School.  This is something I do every year and I love it.  I talk to them about being flexible in the work place, using my career, which has taken me from nursing in the NHS to senior management at Macmillan Cancer Support, to setting up my own business, as a case study.  It’s an opportunity to reflect and I hope it’s interesting to the students too!


Off to Holland Park this morning.  I have a client with an art collection to sell. I am working with the client to check estimates with auction rooms, decide which auction house is best to sell each item and help organise the cataloguing. Once that’s done, I’ll take the works to the appropriate auction house and we’ll wait for the sales to happen the proceeds to roll in!

And brilliant news – we’ve secured a great venue for our fundraising party and the menu is coming along nicely.

All in all, a great week!  Do you think having a Lifestyle Manager in your life could help?  If so, give me a call on 0845 075 1060.