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A Week in the Life of a Lifestyle Manager: Part 1

By November 15, 2013No Comments

It’s the start of a new week and I thought it would be interesting to keep a journal of how my week panned out. Interesting for me to see exactly what I’ve got up to, but hopefully interesting for you to see what lifestyle management is all about and how it might be able to help you!


I’ve got new neighbours moving into a flat I look after and there is a lot to do! The landlord lives in Spain and has asked Partners in Time to help him manage his relationship with his tenants. I don’t offer a full property management service, but I do work with a number of self-managing landlords in the Putney and Southfields area who need a hand. This morning I’m meeting Shaun the Plumber who will do the gas safety check and three different lots of painters and decorators who will give me quotes to decorate the hall and stairs.

This afternoon I’m off to Chiswick for the monthly visit I make to another client’s home. She works away from home during the week and doesn’t want to spend her weekends dealing with household admin. I’ve opened her post and dealt with the contents, as well as gone though the in tray I knew would have built up since my last visit. She’s also asked me to arrange to have some artwork hung, so I brought my handyman with me, to make sure it looks beautiful when she gets back on Friday. Next week I’ll be pulling all the paperwork together for tax return.


It’s an early start today as I meet with other local businesses at a local business group meeting at Carluccios on the river, from 6.45 – 8.30. It may be early, but it’s always energising to see friends and colleagues working together to help each other achieve their business goals. I go straight from Carluccios to meet with some clearance guys at a west London Access Storage. I’m helping a recently and suddenly bereaved client deal with her husband’s belongings. It’s difficult. He was a hoarder and there are two storage units filled with old newspapers, books, videos, old furniture and clothes. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. The clearance guys will recycle what they can, give to charity what might have some re-sale value and we’ll landfill as little as possible. We’ve already cleared two garages…

This afternoon I am researching venues and ideas in SW London for a hen night. We’re looking at some pampering in a posh Richmond hotel, followed by a private boat trip down the Thames with a picnic and champagne. Sounds good! The hens are dead organised and know what they want. They’re just too busy to make the arrangements and find the suppliers themselves. And they’ve worked out that by using me to help them and by splitting my fee between the 10 of them, it’s hassle free and a bargain to get someone else on the case!

So far, so busy – check back next time to see what I get up to at the back end of the week. In the meantime, if you think having a Lifestyle Manager in your life could help, click here for more information and give me a call on 0845 075 1060.